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  Customer Service Solutions
Delivering intelligent self-service solutions that let organizations improve the customer experience and reduce operating costs. Nuance's Customer Service solutions let consumers get what they need from an organization's contact center IVR, Web site, mobile apps or proactive notifications - anytime, anywhere via their preferred channel(s).


  Dragon Speech Recognition Solutions
Enables individuals and organizations to work smarter and more productively at home, in the office or on the road. Put your voice to work with fast, accurate dictation, advanced customization, seamless integration across devices, and easy deployment for large enterprises.


  Healthcare Solutions
Driving a revolution in patient care. Leveraging intelligent systems, we bridge documentation, CDI, coding, compliance, and analytics and provide the only end-to-end solution for clinical documentation.


  Mobile & Automotive Solutions
Humanizing the interface to digital devices and cars. Using the power of intelligent systems to solve for the everyday interactions our mobile lives demand, these solutions blend intuitive voice, touch and natural language understanding to deliver personal experiences.


  Print, Capture & PDF Solutions
Putting the power of PDF on every business desktop. Convert paper and PDF into documents that can be easily edited. Simplify printing, scanning and document management using multifunction printers and networked digital copiers.


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